Fast input for your team members

Your team members input their time in our internet application, whenever they want, and anywhere they are: at the office or outside, using your computers, tablets, or even their own smartphones.

We've optimized our input screen to be the fastest and most intuitive.

So the system is easily adopted, and you get quality data.

Crystal clear reports for your managers

Our reports go straight to the point: at any time, non-profitable projects show in red, and low-profitability ones are orange. With one click, you get all the details: loss amount, time spent per member per day,...

All this in a genuine Excel file you can save, modify, or include in your other documents, with your usual tools.

Instant setup, instant ease for everyone

No need to install anything on your servers, desktops or laptops. Your data is instantly accessible through any web browser.

You can create projects and add users directly in our intuitive application, right after you signed up. And you can even print our online manual, if you prefer a hard copy.

Finally, our reports are genuine Excel files, you can use and share them as usual (mail, store, print,...)

TimeTom provides a clear and precise view of our projects. I can detect and fix issues that would have escalated into dozens of thousands of dollars before.
Thierry Huau - founder, Interscene
30 days free trial, no credit card, no commitment. See pricing afterwards.

Who ?

any business or team with 5 to 100 people working on multiple projects:

  • architects
  • media agencies
  • IT development shop
  • design studio
  • training companies
  • consulting
  • ...

Why ?

  • better estimate new projects
  • detect overspend as soon as they start
  • identify non-profitable projects and clients
  • get a detailed view of any collaborator time
  • eliminate inefficiencies
  • improve profitability


Instant setup

No need to install anything on your servers, desktops, or laptops. You can perform all operations online yourselt (including projects and users setup). No need for lengthy support calls or training sessions.

Access anywhere

Your application is compatible with all devices (smartphones, tablets, home or office computer), with adaptable display.
If you have internet access, you can track your time.

Lightning fast input

We've re-designed our input screen 3 times, to ensure the fastest input. Now, you only need 3 seconds to input an activity.
Because small gains, repeated thousands of time, make for happy (and fast) employees.

Choice of designs

We provide a choice of several graphic designs, and can even integrate your own chart and logo.
Your taste, your colors.

Smart reports

Our reports are concise, actionable, and to the point. Yet detailed numbers are just one click away, when needed. Nobody gets lost in a sea of numbers. And they are actual Excel files, so you can easily use them.
No exotic formats, no complicated exports.


We've been implementing time-tracking for 15 years, on teams of all sizes. We've poured all that expertise in our product and support.

About us

Bubblyware - the company

A company dedicated to providing great IT services, BubblyWare is the vendor behind TimeTom.

We do all kinds of custom developments, from web site creation to the complete creation of internet applications to streamline your business.

Xavier Priour - founder

After a Masters in Computer Science, Xavier worked for 15 years in IT development and finance. There he implemented time tracking for teams ranging from 3 to 200 people. He realized there was no tool fitting the needs of small teams.

Upon returning from New York to France in 2013, he decided to launch his own company providing IT consulting and products for small teams.

30 days free trial, no credit card, no commitment. See pricing afterwards.