How many hours did your employees work last week - and on what?

Are they over-worked or under-utilized? Busy on what you think they are, or something else? Which of your clients or tasks are time sinks? Which ones make you the most money?

As a business owner, you need the answers to these questions - but it is so hard to get them.

You may have already tried with paper timesheet, Excel time trackers, or even some server software. It was slow, everybody had to be at their desk to track their time, then the Excel formulas went wrong...

It failed.

There is another way.

Imagine: if your employees could log their activity in only 20 seconds, during their downtime, from anywhewe, every day...

...then you and your managers would have all this information in near-realtime, as well as a full history of all work hours! With that, you could:

  • effortlessly keep track of leave time and overtime
  • base employee reviews, compensation and promotion on facts
  • fix work issues: people spending too much time on some tasks, or on tasks outside their responsibility
  • and see which clients are most profitable - and which are not!
  • all that without any administrative headache!

TimeTom will take you there with a clear and painless 4-step process:


You sign up straight from your browser, then our system guides you to input your lists of projects, tasks, and users.

10 minutes later, your one-off setup is finished.


At the end of their day, your employees use their phone, tablet, or laptop, and log on our site from home, your office, or during their commute. They spend 30 seconds using our optimized input screens to log their daily activity.


On Monday mornings, your managers look up the work hours that got tracked, ask for clarification if needed, and lock the verified times - all in 5 minutes.


You get clear, up-to-date, informative Excel reports whenever you want. And because they're actual Excel, and not some fancy screen or pdf, you can store them, update them, or import them in other documents.

Problem solved, now back to business!

Interested? Start your free trial now.

30 days free trial, no credit card, no commitment. See pricing afterwards.
TimeTom provides a clear and precise view of our projects. I can detect and fix issues that would have escalated into dozens of thousands of dollars before.
Thierry Huau - founder, Interscene